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One of the callings on Dave's life is that of a teacher. He spends time with God in prayer and worship, and he meditates and studies the Word to get the mind of Christ on what to teach. These series cover a wide range of topics that will help a believer know God, grow in Him, and walk a strong, victorious life. Some items are also available on CD and DVD formats at our online store. Media can either be streamed or downloaded to your computer, click here to find out more. Some items are also available on CD and DVD formats at our online store.

Bonus Prayer CD From - Tongues for the Believer This is a recording of Dave Roberson leading a prayer meeting at The Family Prayer Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. If you have difficulty spending time praying in tongues, we believe this recording will be a source of encouragement for you to continue in your own prayer time as you pray along.
       Bonus Prayer CD - Tongues for the Believer  | (download);
The Walk of the Spirit - The Walk of Power Companion Series (CD2011) This is a companion series to the book of the same title. It contains 20 messages of Dave teaching about the various facets and benefits of praying in tongues and sharing stories from his life in his own walk of the spirit. (Many of the messages from this series are in other series as well.)
       Contending for the Faith | (download); 1 of 20
       Why Does Tongues Build Us Up | (download); 2 of 20
       Watering the Seed of Your Future | (download); 3 of 20
       Why People Fall Out of Prayer | (download); 4 of 20
       The Diversities of Tongues | (download); 5 of 20
       The Holy Spirit's Work in Us | (download); 6 fo 20
       Guidelines for Praying in Tongues | (download); 7 of 20
       Praying in Tongues to Agape Love | (download); 8 fo 20
       Paul's Source of Revelation Knowledge | (download); 9 of 20
       How to Divide Your Prayer Time | (download); 10 of 20
       The Channel Which God Speaks By | (download); 11 of 20
       Identifying Spirit, Soul and Body | (download); 12 of 20
       The Laws That Govern Meditation | (download); 13 of 20
       Assimilation by Meditation | (download); 14 of 20
       Offering Your Soul to His Word | (download); 15 of 20
       Drink From the Well of Worship | (download); 16 of 20
       Worship in Spirit and in Truth | (download); 17 of 20
       Why Should We Fast | (download); 18 of 20
       Why Did Jesus Fast | (download); 19 of 20
       Jesus Heals Hurts and Betrayals | (download); 20 of 20
The Born-Again Trail, Vol. I (CD1091) Born From Above Beginning several years ago in revelation after revelation, God started opening up scriptures to Dave, teaching him about the capacity, power, and provision of the new nature of the born-again believer. 'The Born-Again Trail' is a series of teachings on these revelations. If you really understood what happened when you were born again - if you could truly grasp that truth as it applies to your own life - you would never be the same.
       The New Nature - The Light of Men | (download); 1 of 10 messages
       The New Nature - Born From Above | (download); 2 of 10
       The Life That Is in Christ Is in You | (download); 3 of 10
       God's Purpose in Giving the Law | (download); 4 of 10
       Enforce Your New Nature: Pray | (download); 5 of 10
       Walk After Your New Nature | (download); 6 of 10
       You Are Sons and Daughters of God | (download); 7 of 10
       We Are Heirs of God | (download); 8 of 10
       From Glory to Glory in My New Nature  | (download); 9 of 10
       Your New Nature Is Undefeatable | (download); 10 of 10
The Born-Again Trail, Vol. II (CD1092) From a Slave to a Son God originally intended for mankind to rule and reign over planet Earth under His direction - until sin caused death to enter into man and change his very nature. How could these fallen, sinful creatures be changed back into the noble sons and daughters God had originally created? Who but God could have devised such a plan to have man 'born again' into His family-not only forgiven, but also having within him the nature of God Himself? As you listen to this series, you will see that the plan of God for mankind is to be forgiven, transformed, and anointed with the dominion of the Holy Spirit. Grasp this foundational truth and you will defeat the devil's accusations and condemnation on every level. God planned your victory, and you can walk in it!
       Reigning With Life Within This LIfe | (download); 1 of 10 messages
       The Godhead Mediated Through Abraham  | (download); 2 of 10
       No Longer a Slave but a Son | (download); 3 of 10
       Jesus Freed Israel From the Law | (download); 4 of 10
       Christ Now Liveth in Me | (download); 5 of 10
       Married to Another | (download); 6 of 10
       Reigning From Death to Life | (download); 7 of 10
       Sin Has Lost Its Dominion | (download); 8 of 10
       Greater Than These Shall You Do  | (download); 9 of 10
       Fellowship Based on Grace and Sonship | (download); 10 of 10
The Born-Again Trail, Vol. III (CD1093) Knowing God's Inheritance for You As Christians, we have a vast inheritance that this world knows virtually nothing about. Everything Christ suffered was in order to bring us back into God's family, not only forgiven, but inheritors of every blessing of God. But in order to walk in the benefits of our inheritance, we must know what that inheritance includes. As you listen to this series,you will begin to walk in new depths of confidence as you learn about this glorious inheritance and discover its countless benefits.
       Receiving the Mind of Christ  | (download); 1 of 10 messages
       Ministry of the Holy Spirit in You | (download); 2 of 10
       The Glorification of Our Bodies | (download); 3 of 10
       Know God's Inheritance for You  | (download); 4 of 10
       Joint Heirs With Christ | (download); 5 of 10
       You Are a Benefactor of the Will | (download); 6 of 10
       God's Will and Testament | (download); 7 of 10
       God's Judgments Are Sure and Just | (download); 8 of 10
       A True Jew in Heart | (download); 9 of 10
       Salvation From Adam to Moses | (download); 10 of 10
The Born-Again Trail, Vol. IV (CD1094) Leadership by the Spirit The born-again person has two levels of leadership. The first one is moral in character and comes with the new nature. It makes alive the conscience in man and is an accurate compass regarding virtually every moral decision man faces. For example, no one has to tell a born-again person it is wrong to steal because the new nature tells him it is wrong to do so. The second level of leadership is that which comes by way of the Holy Spirit. He is the One who has been sent to teach, train, and bring the new nature within us to maturity while bringing us the 'present-hour' mind of Christ for our lives. Dave explains how these two types of leadership work within the born-again person. You will gain invaluable insight that helps you learn how to follow your conscience and yield to the Holy Spirit.
       A Type of Atoning Blood of Christ | (download); 1 of 10 messages
       Eat My Body and Drink My Blood I | (download); 2 of 10
       Eat My Body and Drink My Blood II | (download); 3 of 10
       Eat My Body and Drink My Blood III | (download); 4 of 10
       Leadership by the New Nature | (download); 5 of 10
       Leadership by His Spirit | (download); 6 of 10
       Edification Over Strongholds | (download); 7 of 10
       The New Nature Is the Greater Work | (download); 8 of 10
       Are You Keeping the Sabbath? | (download); 9 of 10
       Comparing Spiritual With Spiritual | (download); 10 of 10
The Born-Again Trail, Vol. V (CD1095) The Glory That Jesus Gave to Us When Jesus died on the Cross for us, He did not just purchase our salvation. He also gave us His standing as the Firstborn of the Father so we can know that the Father loves us with the same love He loves Jesus. This is the glory that Jesus gave us-a position as a child of God made available only by grace.
       God Uses Your New Nature to Teach You | (download); 1 of 10 messages
       The Spiritual Man and the Spiritual Mind | (download); 2 of 10
       We Have the Nature of God Our Father | (download); 3 of 10
       Separating All the Glory Unto God | (download); 4 of 10
       John 17-Jesus' Prayer for Us | (download); 5 of 10
       John 17: The Glory Jesus Gave to Us | (download); 6 of 10
       The Spirit of Religion I | (download); 7 of 10
       The Teacher Bears Witness of the Truth | (download); 8 of 10
       The Spirit of Religion II | (download); 9 of 10
       The Spirit of Religion III | (download); 10 of 10
The Born-Again Trail, Vol. VI (CD 1096) The Anointing of the Believer Now that we are born again, we can give the Father what He has always wanted: our fellowship. Through our times of private worship, we fellowship with Him out of our new nature as His sons and daughters, causing His Presence to saturate our being and, eventually, the very atmosphere around us. This is the anointing Jesus was referring to when He said, 'These signs will follow them that believe.' This anointing is not just for the apostle or prophet-it is the anointing of the believer.
       Jesus Said You Do Not Have to Fear | (download); 1 of 10 messages
       Paul's Testimony of God's Glory and Grace | (download); 2 of 10
       The New Nature Brings Perfected Praise | (download); 3 of 10
       How to Be Guided Into All Truth | (download); 4 of 10
       Faith That Pleases God | (download); 5 of 10
       The Anointing of the Believer I | (download); 6 of 10
       Satan Wants to Be Worshiped | (download); 7 of 10
       The Anointing of the Believer II | (download); 8 of 10
       How to Develop God's Agape Love in You | (download); 9 of 10
       Worship in Spirit Is a Positional Truth | (download); 10 of 10
Private Worship Vol. I - Worship God in Spirit and in Truth (CD1071) The most costly thing that Heaven ever sustained was our right to make choices, so when we choose to worship God, it means everything to Him. In this series, Dave teaches us how to enter into the kind of worship that God waited thousands of years to receive-worship that we can only give Him out of the new nature He gave to us.
       Drink From the Well of Worship | (download); 1 of 10 messages
       Worship in Spirit and in Truth | (download); 2 of 10
       What Will Hours of Worship Do in You | (download); 3 of 10
       How to Develop God's Agape Love in You | (download); 4 of 10
       The New Nature Brings Perfected Praise | (download); 5 of 10
       Satan Wants to Be Worshiped | (download); 6 of 10
       The Anointing of the Believer | (download); 7 of 10
       The Path Into God's Power and Miracles | (download); 8 of 10
       Worship - Knowledge Is Not Enough | (download); 9 of 10
       Private Worship - The Door to God's Glory | (download); 10 of 10
       Bonus Worship Prophecies 1 | (download);
       Bonus Worship Prophecies 2 | (download);
       Worship Prophecy Compilation | (download); pdf
Private Worship Vol. II - The Revelation of the Father (CD1072) Each time you enter into fellowship with God through worship, your new nature pulls on and reservoirs His unlimited love. During these times, you can't help but be changed and understand more of God and His plan for your life. Listen as Dave shares his personal journey from knowing God to knowing God as Father. You'll come to realize that everything God did for us, He did to make us His family once more.
       God Is Truly Your Father | (download); 1 of 10 messages
       God Revealed Himself as Your Father | (download); 2 of 10
       Knowing My Father Through Worship | (download); 3 of 10
       Worship Limb: Where God Wants Us to Go | (download); 4 of 10
       Preparing for Longer Times of Private Worship | (download); 5 of 10
       He Cannot Love Himself in You for You | (download); Prophecy - Audio
       He Cannot Love Himself in You for You  | (download); Prophecy - pdf
       I Cannot Love Myself in You for You | (download); 6 of 10
       Worship on a Personal Level | (download); 7 of 10
       No Provision? Add More Fellowship | (download); 8 of 10
       The Weapons of Our Warfare Are Mighty Through God | (download); 9 of 10
       Worship God in Truth | (download); 10 of 10
       Bonus Worship Service CD | (download);
Private Worship Vol. III - The Fellowship Gift (CD1073) God desires your fellowship more than you could ever imagine. Listen as Dave teaches you how to fellowship with God through worship-the only key that flows from you to God to bless Him. Whether you are called to minister behind a pulpit or to be God's light in your own home, your first and foremost call is to get to know Him, and the best way for you to get to know Him is to spend time fellowshipping with Him through worship.
       The Father's Love for Us | (download); 1 of 10 messages
       Private Worship - The Fellowship Gift  | (download); 2 of 10
       Private Worship - Worshiping God in Truth | (download); 3 of 10
       Worship: Sustain Your Emotions in the Heat of Battle | (download); 4 of 10
       The Power of Private Worship to Sustain You | (download); 5 of 10
       The Love of God Is Tangible | (download); 6 of 10
       Following God's Path Into His Compassion | (download); 7 of 10
       Don't Lay Down the Revelation Gift | (download); 8 of 10
       My Path Into Private Worship | (download); 9 of 10
       The Love of God Defeats Greed | (download); 10 of 10
       Bonus Worship Prophecies | (download);
       Worship Prophecy Compilation | (download); pdf
Private Worship Vol. IV - Receiving the Fullness of His Love (CD1074) First John 4:8 tells us that God is love. He doesn't HAVE Love-He IS Love. When we were born into the family of God, we gained the capacity to receive God's love and to love in return. Through spending time in private worship, we increase that capacity, and as our capacity for His love increases, the more of His love we are able to receive. God's love literally transforms us from the inside out, casting out all fear and failure and becoming the avenue of compassion the Father needs to heal, restore, and devastate every work of the enemy.
       Worship: I Will Set My Love Upon Him | (download); 1 of 10 messages
       Private Worship and God's Compassion  | (download); 2 of 10
       Worship and God's Love: Receiving All He Has Given | (download); 3 of 10
       What Love Can Do When Greed Is Aborted | (download); 4 0f 10
       Going on Into Revival | (download); 5 of 10
       We Are Going Through the Door of Love into Revival | (download); 6 of 10
       Continuing Through the Door of Love | (download); 7 of 10
       We'll Be Operating in the Fullness of God's Love | (download); 8 of 10
       I Made It Through the Door | (download); 9 of 10
       Private Worship: Move Forward and You'll Be Ready | (download); 10 of 10
       Bonus Worship Prophecies 1 | (download);
       Bonus Worship Prophecies 2 | (download);
Distinguishing God's Voice (CD210) Where does God's voice come from? How do you know it is Him? What can you do to become more sensitive to hearing His voice? This series presents four ways God communicates with the believer and a practical 'demonstration' of how to hear Him when He speaks.
       Hearing God's Voice | (download); 1 of 2 messages
       Where Does His Voice Come From? | (download); 2 of 2
RADICAL GRACE SERIES By Gary Carpenter (CLICK HERE) Thank God for His grace! We are saved by the grace of God through the finished work of Jesus Christ alone-not by the works of men. Yet, in our generation, there is a "different Gospel of grace" being taught around the world. It is a message that distorts the saving, liberating, empowering grace of God and twists it into something perverse found nowhere in the Bible, even convincing believers that many of Jesus' teachings do not apply to them today. Listen as Gary exposes the deception of "radical grace" and explains the true grace of God.
1ST JOHN TEACHING SERIES - Removing the Gray From Your Gospel By Gary Carpenter (CLICK HERE) The Apostle John lays out the most fundamental teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Book of First John. These teachings are so straightforward and simple, they remove the watered down, compromised opinions of man from the pure Gospel delivered straight from the lips of Jesus Christ. Through the apostles' doctrine, these fundamental truths were delivered to new converts in the first century. John is only declaring what he 'heard and saw' of Jesus Christ over fifty years prior to his writing the Book of First John. These truths must become the foundation upon which every generation of new believers begins their journey. May God help us remove all of the gray from our understanding of His pure Gospel.
A Place Called 'Done' (CD603) A place called "Done" is a place in your heart where you know with a certainty that God has provided the answer to your need. Dave teaches how God's grace will position your spirit in a place of victory so the Holy Spirit can help you walk from your current circumstances into that victory-that place called "Done"!
       The Joy of the Lord Is Your Strength | (download); 1 of 6 messages
       Grace Cannot Be Earned | (download); 2 of 6
       A Place Called 'Done' Brings Exceeding Joy  | (download); 3 of 6
       Understanding a Place Called 'Done' | (download); 4 of 6
       Jesus' One-Time Offering Called 'Done' | (download); 5 of 6
       Glimpses of Things to Be | (download); 6 of 6
The Basics of Fasting (CD511) Fasting is a subject most people like to avoid and few people understand. Yet it can help break us free from strongholds and 'ceilings' over our lives - things that have kept us from hearing God and walking in His power.
       Fasting Deals With Your Unbelief  | (download); 1 of 5 messages
       Fasting Enforces the Position of Death | (download); 2 of 5
       Fasting Preserves Your Wineskin  | (download); 3 of 5
       Do Not Hide From Your Flesh | (download); 4 of 5
       The Fast Chosen for Jesus | (download); 5 of 5
The Basics of Prayer (CD1080) This series contains some of the foundational teachings Dave has taught on prayer. They are encouraging, informative, and will help you establish a solid prayer life.
       Contending for the Faith | (download); 1 of 10 messages
       How the Holy Spirit Helps Us  | (download); 2 of 10
       Greatness in the Kingdom of God | (download); 3 of 10
       Restoring a Little One | (download); 4 of 10
       Why Does Tongues Build Us Up? | (download); 5 of 10
       Watering the Seed of Your Future | (download); 6 of 10
       Why People Fall Out of Prayer | (download); 7 of 10
       The Diversities of Tongues  | (download); 8 of 10
       Lasting Change Comes From Within | (download); 9 of 10
       How to Divide Your Prayer Time | (download); 10 of 10
Bitter and Sweet Water (CD216) Have you ever wondered how a person can act so spiritual one time and so unspiritual another? It can be confusing. In this teaching, based on James 3:10-12, Dave relates what he has learned about believers' lives and their walk with God that give them the capacity to become 'salt water wells,' and how to deal with that capacity to become and remain 'sweet water wells.'
       Are You a Salt-Water Well? | (download); 1 of 2 messages
       Becoming a Sweet-Water Well | (download); 2 of 2
The Communion Table of the Lord (CD313) Communion symbolizes the love of God through the sacrifice of His Son and it contains both judgment and healing. You will gain life-changing and, possibly, life-saving insights as you listen to this series on The Communion Table of the Lord.
       For This Cause Many Are Weak and Sickly | (download); 1 of 3 messages
       For If We Would Judge Ourselves | (download); 2 of 3
       Communion and Footwashing | (download); 3 of 3
The Cost of Exaltation (CD452) Exaltation from God comes when He is able to increase His anointing on your life. When this happens, even people who know you are amazed and cannot deny that God has His hand on you. But exaltation comes with a price.
       How Do I Take the Low Room? | (download); 1 of 4 messages
       Counting the Cost to Finish Your Tower, Part 1 | (download); 2 of 4
       Counting the Cost to Finish Your Tower, Part 2 | (download); 3 of 4
       The First Impasse in Prayer | (download); 4 of 4
The Glorified Body (CD620) The Glorified Body (CD620) - God has a plan for every individual's life-a personal fit for each person's skills, giftings, and personality, all coming together in the larger design of God's purpose for mankind. In this teaching, you will gain a greater appreciation of God's enduring love for the human race and an assurance that He has not only prepared an eternal place for you, but an incorruptible, glorified body as well.
       Male and Female, Created He Them | (download); 1 of 6 messages
       The Kingdom of God United Itself in Us | (download); 2 of 6
       We're Saved in Hope of a Glorified Body | (download); 3 of 6
       Christ, The First Fruits of Our Resurrection | (download); 4 of 6
       I Have the Blueprint for My Glorified Body | (download); 5 of 6
       The Dead in Christ Shall Rise First | (download); 6 of 6
Gospel Entrepreneurship - The Simplicity of Giving (CD890) There is a call of God in the realm of finances that scares the devil just as much as the call of an apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher, or evangelist. If you have felt in your heart that you want to give large sums of money to support and advance the Gospel, you need to understand what this call is about and how to stand against the opposition that comes against it.
       The Office of Helps | (download); 1 of 8 messages
       Entrepreneurs Qualified by Death, Part 1 | (download); 2 of 8
       Entrepreneurs Qualified by Death, Part 2 | (download); 3 of 8
       Dying to Prosper the Kingdom | (download); 4 of 8
       The First Shall Be Your Slave | (download); 5 of 8
       The Process of Being Chosen, Part 1 | (download); 6 of 8
       The Process of Being Chosen, Part 2 | (download); 7 of 8
       A Greater Than Solomon Is Here | (download); 8 of 8
His Truth - Our Foundation (CD215) God places a high priority on truth, whether it be His Word or His children walking in truth. Subtle or 'harmless' lies can hinder answers to our prayers and give the devil an open door to our lives. Dave shares from personal experience how God helped him learn valuable lessons in this area.
       Wherefore Putting Away Lying | (download); 1 of 2 messages
       It Is Impossible for God to Lie | (download); 2 of 2
How to Meditate the Word of God (CD211) This series contains cardinal rules for meditating the Word of God, how meditation impacts your soul, and how the power and promises in the Word are released through meditating the Word.
       The Holy Spirit Will Guide You Into All Truth | (download); 1 of 2 messages
       The Art of Meditating On the Word of God | (download); 2 of 2
Jesus Our Provider (CD372) Calling it a 'great mystery' in Ephesians 5, Paul used the love of Christ for the Church as a standard for a husband's love for his wife. It is a love relationship and fellowship that reveals Jesus in the beautiful light as our Covering and Provider.
       Breaching Divine Order | (download); 1 of 3 messages
       Jesus Is Our Covering and Hedge | (download); 2 of 3
       Jesus Is Our Head and Provider | (download); 3 of 3
Judgment in the Early Church (CD625) God used the Early Church to establish a foundation for all generations. Dave teaches from the Book of Acts and shows that during this time in church history, three anointings came to their fullness: God's love and compassion, signs and wonders, and instantaneous judgment. It is important to understand these anointings for the coming outpouring of revival on the earth.
       Ananias and Sapphira Are in Heaven | (download); 1 of 6 messages
       The Fullness of Signs and Wonders in the Early Church | (download); 2 of 6
       Mercy That Rejoices Against Judgment | (download); 3 of 6
       Why Were Ananias and Sapphira Judged? | (download); 4 of 6
       If Any Man Defile the Temple of God | (download); 5 of 6
       Instantaneous Judgment: God's Extended Love and Mercy | (download); 6 of 6
Living Within God's Grace (CD641) How to find the grace-gift that God has called you to fulfill for His glory.
       God's Grace for Your Call | (download); 1 of 6 messages
       Unforgiveness Violates Grace | (download); 2 of 6
       Our Strength Is in His Grace | (download); 3 of 6
       God's Grace Has No Favorites | (download); 4 of 6
       Finding God's Will for Your Life | (download); 5 of 6
       Working Your Measure of Grace | (download); 6 of 6
The Love Walk (CD401) Nobody has ever loved you like Jesus has. These teachings will give you an understanding of the extent that Love went for you so that you can be released into a walk of love toward others, even forgiving those who have hurt or betrayed you.
       The Limit Love Went for You | (download); 1 of 4 messages
       Knowing God Is Loving People | (download); 2 of 4
       Love - The More Excellent Way | (download); 3 of 4
       Jesus Heals Hurts and Betrayals | (download); 4 of 4
Meditation by Assimilation (CD312) Our souls have the power to transform us to whatever we subject them to the most, whether it be a language, a culture, or the Word of God. We call this process assimilation. Dave teaches how this process works to equip yourself for day and night meditation of the Word.
       Preparing for Your Calling | (download); 1 of 3 messages
       Day and Night Meditations | (download); 2 of 3
       Equipping Your Soul for Meditation | (download); 3 of 3
Meditation, Imagery, and Delivery (CD819) Meditation builds the imagery of the Word of God so powerfully inside of you that it will affect how you teach or preach. Contains many examples of how meditating the Word helped Dave receive revelation knowledge on "hard to crack" scriptures.
       The Laws That Govern Meditation of His Word | (download); 1 of 8 Messages
       The Power of an Intercessor | (download); 2 of 8
       Who Is the Greatest in the Kingdom of God? | (download); 3 of 8
       Praying in Tongues and Speaking Mysteries | (download); 4 of 8
       The Rock of Doing Jesus' Sayings | (download); 5 of 8
       The Proper Use of the Power of Money | (download); 6 of 8
       Jesus Was Married to Israel by the Law | (download); 7 of 8
       Grace Versus Works | (download); 8 of 8
Ministering to Your Own Soul (CD370) This series teaches you how to sustain your emotions in those up and down times of life, how to rise above your circumstances that seem contrary to the Word of God, and how to stay in there long enough to receive your miracle from God.
       Being Filled With the Spirit | (download); 1 of 3
       Speaking to Yourselves | (download); 2 of 3
       Pulling Your Miracle From Heaven | (download); 3 of 3
Paul's Thorn and God's Sufficient Grace (CD220) Biblical scholars have disagreed on the meaning of Paul's 'thorn in the flesh,' however Paul himself tells us that it was a 'messenger of Satan' sent to buffet him because of the abundance of revelations he had received from God. Like Paul, we can learn to recognize the attacks of the enemy AND rest in God's abundant grace-for God's grace is always sufficient to see us through to victory.
       Because of the Abundance of His Revelations | (download); 1 of 2 messages
       God's Grace Is Sufficient | (download); 2 of 2
Peace - The Aggressive Weapon of God (CD631) A weapon so powerful, it makes you unmanageable by the devil and a candidate to receive God's power for revival. Dave explains the process he went through to attain this level of peace.
       The Foundation of the Love of God | (download); 1 of 6 messages
       The First Impasse Is Falling Out of Prayer | (download); 2 of 6
       The Art of Enduring Prayer | (download); 3 of 6
       Fasting | (download); 4 of 6
       Character-Changing Prayer | (download); 5 of 6
       Winning With Rest | (download); 6 of 6
The Prison Is in the Mind (CD480) Have you lost hope for change in your life? You can overcome the strongholds of thoughts and emotions that are keeping you from a loving, fruitful relationship with God. You can be set free!
       Don't Underestimate Your Enemy  | (download); 1 of 4 messages
       The Weapons of Our Warfare | (download); 2 of 4
       Read the Word and Break a Stronghold  | (download); 3 of 4
       Purge and Fortify Your Soul | (download); 4 of 4
Prosperity - A Matter of The Heart (CD602) The objective of this teaching is to explore and eliminate reasons why Christians do not receive their financial breakthroughs. Is a financial miracle God's best? How does a person walk in wisdom? What does Luke 6:38 really teach us?
       Get a Job Lazy Man | (download); 1 of 6 messages
       Faith for Your Stewardship | (download); 2 of 6
       Your Access to God's Wisdom | (download); 3 of 6
       God's Exaltation in Finances | (download); 4 of 6
       Making Luke 6:38 Work for You | (download); 5 of 6
       Unforgiveness Kills Your Finances | (download); 6 of 6
Protocol for Petitional Prayer (CD311) The purpose of prayer is not just to get our needs met-God is our Father and He wants to meet our needs. Prayer draws us to the heart of God in a loving relationship. So when Jesus taught the disciples how to pray, He laid out a protocol for presenting a need. It is not a formula, it is a way to focus our hearts and honor our God.
       Protocol Into Petitional Prayer | (download); 1 of 3 messages
       What Makes Petitional Prayer Work?  | (download); 2 of 3
       How to Bring a Petition to God | (download); 3 of 3
Satan's War Machine (CD290) What is it that stands between you and revival? When you have prayed in tongues for edification and mortification, meditated and confessed the Word of God, worshiped the Lord, fasted and done all you know to do, there is something else you need to know: The devil has a counterfeit operation organized to try to stop God's people.
       Satan's Arsenal Against You | (download); 1 of 2 messages
       Satan's Counterfeit Operations | (download); 2 of 2
Sin Shall Not Have Dominion (CD371) Can a person be too weak to overcome sin? Are there any excuses for not overcoming areas in life that are not pleasing to God? This series uses the Word of God to strip away any excuse for weakness by showing the power given to us as born again believers who walk after the spirit (new nature) and not after the flesh.
       Promiscuous Grace and Pre-meditated Repentance | (download); 1 of 3 messages
       The Law of Sin and Death Has Been Broken Over You | (download); 2 of 3
       My Debt Has Been Cancelled | (download); 3 of 3
The Sin Unto Death (CD420) Have you or someone you know ever questioned whether you've committed the 'sin unto death' or 'the unpardonable sin'? Learn the difference between these two sins and how most believers never even come close to committing them. Knowing the truth will set you free!
       The Keys to Understanding the Book of I John | (download); 1 of 4 messages
       False Prophets in the Early Church | (download); 2 of 4
       Many Deceivers Have Come Into the World | (download); 3 of 4
       The Unpardonable Sin | (download); 4 of 4
Tongues for the Believer (CD411) In this series, Dave explains the purpose for tongues and how this type of prayer will bring many blessings and benefits to a believer's life. A must for anyone who wants a basic understanding of praying in tongues.
       The Diversities of Tongues | (download); 1 of 5 messages
       The Holy Spirit's Intercession for Us | (download); 2 of 5
       Why Are We Edified? | (download); 3 of 5
       Guidelines for Praying in Tongues | (download); 4 of 5
       Tongues for the Believer Bonus Prayer CD | (download); 5 of 5
The Tree of Life (CD520) Dave gives an in-depth look at Satan's past from the time he was known as Lucifer to his fall, his part in man's beginning in the Garden of Eden, and God's plan for our eternal salvation. When we know our enemy and who you are in Christ, we will have what we need to defeat the devil.
       Eden, The Garden of God | (download) | (download); 1 of 5 messages
       Lucifer - The Anointed Cherub That Covereth | (download); 2 of 5
       The Garden of Eden: After the Fall  | (download); 3 of 5
       The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil | (download); 4 of 5
       Satan - The Father of All Iniquity | (download); 5 of 5
True Exaltation (CD212) There is no greater experience in the life of a believer than to be exalted by God. The revelation knowledge contained in these messages will release you into a place in Jesus to serve His people from the table of His power, which is true exaltation.
       Greatness in the Kingdom of God | (download); 1 of 2 messages
       Spiritual Authority in the Kingdom of God | (download); 2 of 2
Unmasking Satan's Tactics (CD850) The most powerful position the devil can obtain in your life is one in which he continually affects your thinking yet remains undetected himself. This series uncovers five tactics the devil uses to conceal himself from you while planning your defeat.
       Satan Comes to Steal the Word of God Out of You | (download); 1 of 8 messages
       Persecution and Afflictions | (download); 2 of 8
       The Cares of This Life | (download); 3 of 8
       The Deceitfulness of Riches | (download); 4 of 8
       Prosperity Is by Grace, Not by Works | (download); 5 of 8
       The Lust of Other Things | (download); 6 of 8
       Your Defense Against the Lust of Other Things | (download); 7 of 8
       Walk in the Spirit | (download); 8 of 8
The Walk That Makes the Difference (CD213) There are areas in our lives that need to change, but we have trouble changing them. Unfortunately, these are the very areas that hinder our faith. In this series, Dave explains steps we can take to release the power of God to operate on those areas to bring about change.
       Neither Cast Ye Your Pearls Before Swine | (download); 1 of 2 messages
       Lay Up for Yourselves Treasure in Heaven | (download); 2 of 2
Walking in the Spirit (CD434) The power to overcome challenging circumstances is available to us through living and operating in the spirit (our new nature) instead of walking in the flesh. Walking in the spirit is to walk in the Word because they both agree. This series contains Dave's testimony of when he entered the ministry.
       Contending for the Faith | (download); 1 of 4 messages
       Why Does Praying in Tongues Edify Us? | (download); 2 of 4
       Watering the Seed of Your Future | (download); 3 of 4
       Why People Fall Out of Prayer | (download); 4 of 4
Your Call, Vocation, and Occupation (formerly 'Prosperity of Soul') (CD291) In 3 John 2, John declares: 'Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as they soul prospereth.' The truth in this verse can set you free from a life of drudgery and set you on a path of joy in doing the things you were called to do.
       Soul-Winning, Vocation, and Occupation | (download); 1 of 2 messages
       Finding Your Vocation by Prayer | (download); 2 of 2

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