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The Born-Again Trail, Vol. II (CD1092) From a Slave to a Son God originally intended for mankind to rule and reign over planet Earth under His direction - until sin caused death to enter into man and change his very nature. How could these fallen, sinful creatures be changed back into the noble sons and daughters God had originally created? Who but God could have devised such a plan to have man 'born again' into His family-not only forgiven, but also having within him the nature of God Himself? As you listen to this series, you will see that the plan of God for mankind is to be forgiven, transformed, and anointed with the dominion of the Holy Spirit. Grasp this foundational truth and you will defeat the devil's accusations and condemnation on every level. God planned your victory, and you can walk in it! Media can either be streamed or downloaded to your computer, click here to find out more. Some items are also available on CD and DVD formats at our online store.

       Reigning With Life Within This LIfe |  (download); 1 of 10 messages
       The Godhead Mediated Through Abraham  |  (download); 2 of 10
       No Longer a Slave but a Son |  (download); 3 of 10
       Jesus Freed Israel From the Law |  (download); 4 of 10
       Christ Now Liveth in Me |  (download); 5 of 10
       Married to Another |  (download); 6 of 10
       Reigning From Death to Life |  (download); 7 of 10
       Sin Has Lost Its Dominion |  (download); 8 of 10
       Greater Than These Shall You Do  |  (download); 9 of 10
       Fellowship Based on Grace and Sonship |  (download); 10 of 10

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