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The Born-Again Trail, Vol. I (CD1091) Born From Above Beginning several years ago in revelation after revelation, God started opening up scriptures to Dave, teaching him about the capacity, power, and provision of the new nature of the born-again believer. 'The Born-Again Trail' is a series of teachings on these revelations. If you really understood what happened when you were born again - if you could truly grasp that truth as it applies to your own life - you would never be the same. Media can either be streamed or downloaded to your computer, click here to find out more. Some items are also available on CD and DVD formats at our online store.

       The New Nature - The Light of Men |  (download); 1 of 10 messages
       The New Nature - Born From Above |  (download); 2 of 10
       The Life That Is in Christ Is in You |  (download); 3 of 10
       God's Purpose in Giving the Law |  (download); 4 of 10
       Enforce Your New Nature: Pray |  (download); 5 of 10
       Walk After Your New Nature |  (download); 6 of 10
       You Are Sons and Daughters of God |  (download); 7 of 10
       We Are Heirs of God |  (download); 8 of 10
       From Glory to Glory in My New Nature  |  (download); 9 of 10
       Your New Nature Is Undefeatable |  (download); 10 of 10

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