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The Born-Again Trail, Vol. IV (CD1094) Leadership by the Spirit The born-again person has two levels of leadership. The first one is moral in character and comes with the new nature. It makes alive the conscience in man and is an accurate compass regarding virtually every moral decision man faces. For example, no one has to tell a born-again person it is wrong to steal because the new nature tells him it is wrong to do so. The second level of leadership is that which comes by way of the Holy Spirit. He is the One who has been sent to teach, train, and bring the new nature within us to maturity while bringing us the 'present-hour' mind of Christ for our lives. Dave explains how these two types of leadership work within the born-again person. You will gain invaluable insight that helps you learn how to follow your conscience and yield to the Holy Spirit. Media can either be streamed or downloaded to your computer, click here to find out more. Some items are also available on CD and DVD formats at our online store.

       A Type of Atoning Blood of Christ |  (download); 1 of 10 messages
       Eat My Body and Drink My Blood I |  (download); 2 of 10
       Eat My Body and Drink My Blood II |  (download); 3 of 10
       Eat My Body and Drink My Blood III |  (download); 4 of 10
       Leadership by the New Nature |  (download); 5 of 10
       Leadership by His Spirit |  (download); 6 of 10
       Edification Over Strongholds |  (download); 7 of 10
       The New Nature Is the Greater Work |  (download); 8 of 10
       Are You Keeping the Sabbath? |  (download); 9 of 10
       Comparing Spiritual With Spiritual |  (download); 10 of 10

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