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1ST JOHN TEACHING SERIES - Removing the Gray From Your Gospel By Gary Carpenter (CLICK HERE) The Apostle John lays out the most fundamental teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Book of First John. These teachings are so straightforward and simple, they remove the watered down, compromised opinions of man from the pure Gospel delivered straight from the lips of Jesus Christ. Through the apostles' doctrine, these fundamental truths were delivered to new converts in the first century. John is only declaring what he 'heard and saw' of Jesus Christ over fifty years prior to his writing the Book of First John. These truths must become the foundation upon which every generation of new believers begins their journey. May God help us remove all of the gray from our understanding of His pure Gospel. Media can either be streamed or downloaded to your computer, click here to find out more. Some items are also available on CD and DVD formats at our online store.

       Have No Fellowship With Darkness | (download); 1 of 21 messages
       Have No Fellowship With Darkness - Scripture References | (download);
       Love Is How We Are Known | (download); 2 of 21
       Love Is How We Are Known - Scripture References | (download);
       To Children, Young Men, and Fathers | (download); 3 of 21
       To Children, Young Men, and Fathers - Scripture References | (download);
       Love Not the World | (download); 4 of 21
       Love Not The World - Scripture References | (download);
       The Antichrist Spirit | (download); 5 of 21
       The Antichrist Spirit - Scripture References | (download);
       Let No Man Deceive You | (download); 6 of 21
       Let No Man Deceive You - Scripture References | (download);
       Now We Are the Sons of God | (download); 7 of 21
       Now We Are the Sons of God - Scripture References | (download);
       The Purpose of the Gospel | (download); 8 of 21
       The Purpose of the Gospel - Scripture References | (download);
       The Children of God & The Children of the Devil | (download); 9 of 21
       The Children of God & The Children of the Devil - Scripture Reference | (download);
       If Our Heart Condemn Us Not | (download); 10 of 21
       If Our Heart Condemn Us Not - Scripture References | (download);
       Jesus Christ Is Come in the Flesh | (download); 11 of 21
       Jesus Christ Is Come in the Flesh - Scripture References | (download);
       Greater Is He That Is in You | (download); 12 of 21
       Greater Is He That Is in You - Scripture References | (download);
       God Is Love | (download); 13 of 21
       God Is Love - Scripture References | (download);
       As He Is, So Are We in This World | (download); 14 of 21
       As He Is, So Are We in This World - Scripture References | (download);
       Overcoming the World | (download); 15 of 21
       Overcoming the World - Scripture References  | (download);
       He That Came By Water & Blood | (download); 16 of 21
       He That Came By Water & Blood - Scripture References | (download);
       The Importance of Repentance & Baptism | (download); 17 of 21
       The Importance of Repentance & Baptism - Scripture References | (download);
       He That Hath the Son Hath Life | (download); 18 of 21
       He That Hath the Son Hath Life - Scripture References  | (download);
       Eternal Life and Answered Prayer | (download); 19 of 21
       Eternal Life and Answered Prayer - Scripture References | (download);
       The Sin Unto Death | (download); 20 of 21
       The Sin Unto Death - Scripture References | (download);
       Keep Yourself From Idols | (download); 21 of 21
       Keep Yourself From Idols - Scripture References  | (download);
       Bonus 1st John Confessions | (download);
       Bonus 1st John Confessions | (download);

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