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Several years ago, Dave received instructions from the Lord that impacted his travel ministry. These directives were

  • "Turn the river back to Tulsa", meaning, Dave was to concentrate his efforts in prayer and, through the Family Prayer Center, in Tulsa, bring an outpouring of intense miracles, especially upon the innocent, such as the unaccountable children that fill our children's hospitals. There will be miracles so profound that the finest, most analytical minds of our day will have to say, "This is God!"
  • Press into God and prayer to bring a revival of soundness of mind and sanity: a revival of doctrine and truth that would merge with media, which would go hand in hand with the outpouring of miracles.
  • To minister to family: to take care of his own family's needs, but also to teach others how to care for their own family's needs.
  • Because of these instructions, Dave has ministered primarily in Tulsa at the Family Prayer Center, though he still honors outstanding commitments and ministers when and where the Lord directs him.


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