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People often ask me, "Of all the things God has given to you, what is it that has affected you the most?"

I would have to say it is the love of God, because His love always takes the very best things about Him and makes them available to us. I know now that the most devastating thing Adam lost to the sin nature was the capacity to love.

The first major hurdle I got past in my Christian walk came about when God let me see people through His eyes for just a moment. That did it for me. What God showed me at that time changed forever the effectiveness of my prayers for people. I had no idea that God loved people so much; I wept for nine hours straight. At that moment of revelation I thought to myself, Wait a minute. If God truly loves people this much, He must love me this much too!

And, of course, I was right! I finally understood that God's love for people was maxed-out at the Cross of Jesus. God has no more love He can give because He has already given His all. There is no other place He can go to get more. God is the fullness of love.

Please listen to me: God cannot love you anymore than He already does. But through the teachings you will find on this website, you can stop and learn how to receive the love He has always loved you with. These teachings can help you get past the flesh enough to realize it is God's love that you and so many others are really looking for; you just don't realize it until change comes and fills the empty places in your life.

This love is by far the most powerful place of fellowship and strength you will ever walk in, and the path to receiving God's love is as deliberate, on purpose, and final as the Cross that provided it.

In His love, God gave us the Holy Spirit to help us along this path. He is the One who helped me understand God's love, and He will surely help you.

One of the primary things Jesus said the Holy Spirit would do for us was guide us into all truth.

Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come.

He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall show it unto you.
—John 16:13,14

Even though the mandate of the Holy Spirit is to guide us into all truth, revelation knowledge is not automatic by merit of the baptism of the Holy Spirit alone. If this were so, wouldn't all of us Charismatic and Pentecostal ministers be saying the same things about doctrine and truth? But we are not. In fact, most preachers can barely agree beyond the foundational truth of Jesus as our Savior. One preacher says, "It's not God's will to heal everyone," and another says, "Yes it is." Still another will say, "You cannot speak in tongues anytime you want to," and another will say, "Yes you can!"

Yet, in all of this disagreement and confusion, there must be a way you can release the Holy Spirit on the inside of you as your Teacher, on purpose, just because you want to, as often as you want to. There is, and it is just as available to you as the air you breathe!

God wants you to know how to release the Holy Spirit in your life, to walk in truth, and to know His love. He will use everything He has at His disposal to get this over to you. So there must be a way to release the power of the Holy Spirit on the inside of you that is as deliberate and on purpose as anything else He has ever done - and there is!

You can unlock divine mysteries and discover God's personal plan for your life that was established before the foundations of the earth. You have the right to slip into the Presence of the Holy of Holies and take a bath in revelation knowledge. And you have the Spirit of God inside of you to help you overcome every hindrance and obstacle in your way.

You cannot help but be transformed, changed, and set down on that Rock, that place where the heart of the Father is made reality, where Jesus' truth is made fact, that place in which all God's promises are Yes and Amen!

So please explore the Media sections on this site, for there is a wealth of knowledge and step-by-step instructions on how the Holy Spirit can hold this place in your life, and He can show you how to receive God's incredible love for you.


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